What a wonderful beach season this is! I have just loved getting to put my feet in the sand and capture memories for families that are visiting Panama City Beach. These families that I have had the opportunity to meet, have been amazing! Being a Panama City Beach photographer has been a blessing. Did I say I love this? I LOVE THIS!

I am constantly reading up on something photography related and working out a plan for the future. At the moment I have just stepped out into trying to get my name out there. Marketing strategies is something I am very new to. I'm a bit shy when it comes to trying to sell my skills. I'm working on that.

What lies ahead? I'm going FULL FRAME! I just purchased a major upgrade to my equipment. This means even better image quality! I'm very serious about this. I'm not just out to make a quick buck. I want my clients blown away by their images. This takes knowledge, technique, creativity and a keen eye for the quick capture. I'm not just working for me, I'm doing this for my clients!

I have just made available Fresh 48 images. What's that? These are candid images of your new baby at the hospital within 48 hours of birth. This is a no stress, relaxed session. No babies in a basket here. I am there to capture the first precious days of bonding. This session is affordable for all as I take payment and am keeping the cost down. I'm not doing birth yet, but may eventually step out into that.

Next on my list is opening up to weddings in the near future.