Tips and Pointers for Your Session

Hey! This is where you get to relax and know that Your images will be AWESOME. Here is a little info to help guide you:

What to wear: NO NEON!!!! Seriously, it really pops out on the images. Go with coordinating colors. You don't need to stick with white and khaki, but you can if you like. Pick any color pallet and dress everyone within that range. Some like darker colors and some are more into bright colors or pastels. Just choose one and work it!


Children: Ok, we all know kids have a point in the day that they are just done. Many of my sessions are at sunset and the littles are just exhausted. Don't worry if they won't look my way. We will do the best we can. Let me run the show.

NO POINTING AT THE PHOTOGRAPHER! LOL This is a common scenario: Kids finally look at the camera and smile and Mom or Dad is pointing at me or making the "my kid just won't do what I want" face. Let me guide them. We have time. They can take little play breaks. It's ok. This makes a GREAT time for candid images!!!! These are my fave! RELAX and let me rock this!


Maternity Sessions: What to wear? If you don't have a gown, I have some! You can choose to show your belly or not. Timing-DON'T WAIT TIL 40 WEEKS! Come as soon as your belly is out nicely. I have done some at 28 weeks and others at 38. If you are dying to have these, plan to do them early. We all know babies can come sooner than we expect.

Bring your family! Hubby, kids, parents...I'm ok with it. It won't be a family session as this session is centered around that baby belly. These only feature the baby on the way.


Real Estate: These sessions are to highlight every feature of your house, condo or property. Tips: have the lawn freshly manicured. Tidy the house. Be sure to put away as many little things as you can. (ex. Mail, kid's toys, etc) You want people to see an uncluttered area. Open curtains and blinds. Turn on all lights! You want it to look bright and welcoming. Put out personal touches, for example a comfy throw with a book by it, or a nice plate of cookies or anything that you think may help someone feel at home when they see your property.

Time: Plan to be on time. Please don't be late. I plan these sessions with the natural lighting. If you are too late, your session will run into the darker time period of the evening. I prefer not to do this. I like the 45 min prior to sunset the most.

Book In Advance!!!!! Especially in summer, I book up fast!